Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cattle breeders at the doorstep of Emergency in Achro Tharr!!

Achro thar or white desert is containing on three union councils of Taluka Khipro, district Sanghar Sindh. 80% of Achro Thar’s population depends on livestock for its livelihood. The livestock breeders primarily depend on the natural pasture lands of the area for their cattle feeding. These pastures remain green till 4 to 5 months after rainy season and start drying out in later months. The situation at present is that the pastures are almost exhausted. People have started migrating in search of food for their cattle. Some have even started feeding grains to their cattle from their share of food. They have resorted to eat less and share half of their food with their cattle only to prevent them from starving and to safeguard their next whole year’s earning- cattle being the only source.

Scarcity of water in the area has also created problems for the livestock owners. Their cattle are not growing healthy. A stock of healthy goats sold to the middleman fetches around Rs.1500/- on average. But, at present, the goats are so weak, that middleman pays Rs.700 to 800 per goat. This gives a big blow to the meager earnings of the poor breeder.

Growth of a strange poisonous plant, called Dabbar, in the leftover grazing fields has worsened the situation further. A grazing animal who eats this plant mistakenly, do not survive. According to information, around 15 to 20 goats have died only in village Saeedao. To these people loss of one animal means loss of at least one month's food for them.

Civil society activist and other civil society workers requested to the government to take necessary measures to protect the poor breeders from falling further in to poverty.

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