Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mahavir…… My CP CHILD…..

I got married on 3rd December 2007 with Pushpa Kumari. I became father on 21st November 2008. It was very Problematical  delivery; I carried my wife from village to a big city Mirpur khas (Divisional Headquarter) of Sindh province of Pakistan. It was very cold night of November; I was with my mother and my sweetest wife Pushpa. It was major seizer and I was alone at hospital, my two friends Dhani Bux mari and Ashok Gowasmi were there for my help. I was really afraid…I had less amount in my pocket and medicine were very costly but I managed myself….it was 9.54 when Mahavir was born!! I was very happy and was very excited after being father……!! After two or three days of his birth, Mahavir fell seriously ill and hospitalized at Mirpur khas, he was diagnosed Jaundice (a kind of disease, caused by destruction of red blood cells), those were six most suffering days in my life…not a single penny was in my pocket, but I managed each and everything for the sack of my beloved child Mahavir! As the days passed, we were very happy to see our little child and there was not limit of our happiness. I and my beloved wife Pushpa used to see Mahavir whole the day…we spent lot of time with our cutest and loveliest child. When Mahavir became nine months, we felt that his actions and activities are not normal, he is not behaving normally and his understanding toward things were not clear, we made contact with professor at a private clinic (Aga Khan Hospital Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan), Dr suggested few medicine to my child but professor was not looking satisfied with the health of my child. After one month, we got chance for check up from same professor, and then he told us that my beloved Child is a Cerebral Palsy (CP) child. It was very shocking news for both of us. We were very desperate; we were parents of a cute child with Cerebral palsy!!

Now our darling child is 31 months old and suffering a lot…. my sweetheart Pushpa caring Mahavir…different treatments from different doctors...we are very sad due to our lovely child…he is very irritate, always weeping...No rest still breast feeding and not eating anything properly!!  

I am very upset…my whole life disturbed…..fond no waY!!!

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